As an accomplished copywriter and proofreader, Dani Siems has worked with social enterprises, government agencies, academics, independent self-publishing authors, PhD and Master's students, as well as other large institutions and international organizations.

Her passions for traveling, community development and health education have led her around the world to the boonies of East and West Africa, all over Asia, Central and South America, random islands and several countries in Europe. Dani finds joy in going beyond mundane tourism, and rather diving into not just local culture, but also the human spirit.  She has lived on four continents, had many adventures on others, and has gathered a multitude of stories and friendships along the way. 

In her capacity as a writer, she has authored, co-authored and illustrated several children's books for not only social enterprises, but also the Peace Corps where she served as a Health and Education Specialist in, West Africa.

Dani currently lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband Jake who also shares her enthusiasm for travel, outdoor adventure, winter sports, and rock climbing. She is currently working on a novel while writing copy and editing for an array of local and global clients.