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Vail Brewing Co.

  • Website design and content

  • Technical one-sheets

  • Press Releases

  • Marketing Content


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Project CREED

Dani Siems skills have been used by Social Enterprise, Project CREED as Copywriter, Editor and Formatting, Epublishing, and Campaign Concepting. Her duties included:

  • Operating Procedure Manuals

  • Technical One-Sheets

  • Print Collateral Content and Design

  • Children's Book Content & Creation

  • Illustrations & Storyboarding

  • Letters of Introduction & Business Proposals

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In the collaborated creation of these manuals,
Dani Siems duties included:

  • Content Research

  • Copywriting for training manuals and prompter scripts for training videos

  • Additional formatting

  • Editing



  •  Articles

  • Language Manuals

  • Lesson Books

  • Event Brochures

  • National Sign Logos & Designs

U.S. Peace Corps, The Gambia

During her service in the U.S. Peace Corps, Dani was given the opportunity to edit, format and copy-write Technical  Language Manuals; create articles, print collateral and lesson books for several  volunteers' projects, national events, training materials, and campaigns; and collaborate with a team of volunteers in developing locally tailored concepts for several nationally held Peace Corps Events. To name a few: Sami Beekeepers Association Training, Malaria Expo, Malaria contest, Sobie Futbol Competition, Sami Education Conference, and Camp GLOW.

Event Brochures

Editing & Formatting Technical Language Manuals

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